Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Okay, there is no regularly scheduled programming, but that’s what it feels like.  Back in the swing of things.  Monday rolls around after a holiday weekend and all the holiday coziness just slides right off as I dive straight back into early mornings and long days.

It took me over an hour to go grocery shopping today because I was tracking down ingredients for a couple of recipes that I chose for the weekly food roundup.  I’m pretty sure I had a dazed and confused look on my face as I kept circling around looking for elusive items.

I just finished making Winter Pasta from 101cookbooks.  It turned out a little bit stringy from the kale since I didn’t have a proper blender or food processor to puree everything together.  All I had was one of those stick blenders and that proved to be an ordeal.  I have green colored spatter all over me and half the kitchen now.

This recipe was a gamble on so many levels.  There is the whole I don’t have a blender part.  Then there is the part where I don’t like goat cheese, which is a main part of the dish.  There is also the issue of having to use a milder elephant garlic because all the regular garlic at the grocery store was not remotely acceptable to cook with.

I’d have to say that the dish turned out all right, but I would probably add something to it to spice it up a bit.  Of course, this could be due to the use of the elephant garlic.  I like the creamy texture of the goat cheese but not the taste as much.  I would also ideally want some more variation in the dish.  More vegetables or a solid source of protein.  In an ideal world, I think this dish would be a note in a larger meal with other dishes.  However, being as I am always pressed for time and want eating to be as simple as possible, I try to go for one dish that will take care of all my nutritional needs.

Just after everything was tossed together.


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