Dinner Tonight

So I forgot to tell you about my escapades with Feisty Green Beans off the 101cookbooks website last night.  It went well.  Other than the fact that I substituted regular paprika for hot paprika and cayenne pepper powder for crushed hot pepper flakes.  Still tastes great.  I also left out the raisins.  Not really interested in eating whatever they use to preserve those things.

More importantly though is dinner tonight.  Recipes and standard plans, while helpful, sort of bore me and seem unnecessarily complicated.  I’m more interested in developing a sense of cooking on the fly.

I wasn’t feeling the two dishes I’ve made this week.  I had them for lunch and dinner the last couple of days.  I wanted something light, but nutritious since I just got back from the gym.  What I ended up with is a noodle soup.

My mom made me some anchovy broth (I think that’s what those little fishies that she uses to make the broth are called in English), which I had in the fridge.  I poured some into a pot and added a splash of soy sauce.  Then I cut up a chunk of the left over tofu from yesterday’s cooking, tossed in some frozen corn, and tore up some of the kale left over from Monday’s cooking.  At the same time, I cooked up fast noodles, which are thin, white noodles that cook in three minutes.  So in about roughly five, maybe more like 10, minutes, I had a protein packed, tasty dinner ready to eat.  Fresh made and hot is what I need on a cold, wet, and snowy day.

Proof that tasty, healthy, and fast is possible!

Fresh, hot noodle soup


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