I went through a whole week of not really feeling hungry and now I’m finally feeling hungry.  I have a portion of my version of 101cookbooks baked pasta casserole in the oven right now.  I added some frozen corn and great northern beans to the mix.  While tasty in its original form, I need a little more variety to make it meet my nutritional and taste needs.  It’s a great recipe to modify for your own needs.  I’ve added tuna and corn before, but I’m trying not to overdo my mercury intake, since I did have my tuna version for a whole week just a couple of weeks ago.  I’m sure adding chunks of any sort of meet would be tasty, especially for all you carnivores.  Extra veggies are tasty, too.

Baked Pasta Casserole a la Funny Eater

The meal plan for this week is baked pasta casserole a la funny eater style and some chili.  I’m going to try my hand at the Pierce Street Vegetarian Chili off of 101cookbooks.  (Is anyone else noticing the 101cookbooks theme here?)

My one gripe about using recipes is that grocery shopping ends up taking longer than I’d like because I’m trying to chase down ingredients.  I’m also not a huge fan of having to figure out substitutions when the grocery store doesn’t have what I want.  Thus, I’m hoping that as I build my base of recipes that I can spin off from memory, I can cook more naturally using what I find and what intrigues me during a given grocery store trip.

While I find myself impatient to eat and aggravated at the cooking process, I did persevere.  Evidence of tonight’s cooking can be found below.

Pierce Street Chili with some modifications.


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