So, following the suggestion on the chili recipe from last night, I made chili baked eggs this morning for breakfast.  I overcooked the eggs a little bit, but the result was pretty and tasty.  I forgot to take a picture before I ate breakfast and lunch (I know I shouldn’t eat two eggs in one day, but work is being done in my kitchen and cooking wasn’t an option.).

I love eating an egg for breakfast.  I think my favorite way to eat eggs is over easy, but I like eggs all different ways.  I’m a huge fan of the egg because not only is it very tasty, but it’s extremely nutritious.  In fact, nutritionists call the egg “a perfect food.”  The humble egg has all your important nutrients and is used as a comparison for other foods.  For all you vegans and non-egg eaters, quinoa is also a perfect food.

** update: I had every intention of taking a photo of the baked eggs, but I ate the whole pan and kept forgetting every morning to take a photo.  I’ll add one when I make another pan.**


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