It’s been almost two months since my last post and I apologize.  I realize that I’m probably apologizing only to myself, but that’s fine.

I’ve been relatively uninspired lately on the food front.  In the exam crunch of the last month, I have eaten more microwave meals then I care to admit to.  All that processed food has me feeling like a big brick of salt.  I’m trying to get back to my healthy equilibrium, but it’s been a doozy trying to recover from my exam frenzy hangover.  Some problems that I’ve noticed in the last few weeks…

1.  Caffeine and I do not mix. I have always known that I am sensitive to caffeine.  Not allergic, but sensitive.  One cup of coffee can send me on a euphoric spree of productivity and happiness for a few days.  I’m sure the psychiatrists would call that caffeine-induced hypomania.  Whatever one wants to call it, I liked it and it was useful.  More recently, I have found that caffeine doesn’t give me that euphoric high any more and instead ingesting caffeine gives me a net downstream effect of complete and utter fatigue.  Now, this could also be because my caffeine use corresponds with periods of stress, lack of sleep, and a deterioration in diet, but when I’m completely caffeine free I feel a whole lot better and more focused.

2. Processed food is salty. If I haven’t commented on this yet, I definitely am amazed by how much salt there is in processed food.  One of my personal food rules is to attempt to eat as few processed items as possible – i.e. eating things in the form that they grow out of the ground as.

3. Healthy eating can be boring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about healthy eating and living a healthy life.  I feel better that way.  However, eating healthy can feel boring sometimes.  Sometimes it seems though that I’m eating all the same vegetables and all the same dishes.  Less healthy eating definitely has more variety – baked goods, sugary sweets, fatty foods, etc.


I think I had more to say when I started this post, but exhaustion is coming over me, so I’ll stop there.  One more post on food rules and that’ll be it for the evening.


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