Food Rules

In my quest to eat healthy, I have some food rules that I follow.  I don’t like to have strict rules because they stress me out.  So, maybe it’s better to call these guidelines.  Whatever you want to call them, they are as follows:

1. Eat whole grains.  Preferably as unprocessed as possible. I try to stick to grains like rice, farro, barley.  If I eat more processed grains, they are usually pasta made from kamut or whole wheat.  Bakery products are out.  The only thing close to a bakery product is sprouted wheat tortillas sometimes for breakfast.  The only thing about eating a diet full of whole grains is that they need to be balanced out because the high fiber can be a little too much for me.  So I usually even things out with some lower fiber grains like white rice.

2. Stay away from processed foods. This includes all those Lean Cuisine meals I ate over the last couple of weeks, canned foods, boxed mac and cheese (which I totally love), ramen (also tasty), and anything else that comes in a pre-made form.

3. Stay away from sugar. There is a lot of sugar in this world.  Sugar is added to everything.  After learning about high glycemic index and diabetes in school, I try to stay away from things with added sugar.  That includes candy, pastries, most juices, ice pops.  I do like sugar from time to time, but since I’m off coffee now, there is really no reason for sugar in my life.

4. Stay away from things with high salt. Salt makes me feel salty and dehydrated.  I also feel like I can’t drink enough water.  Plus, I learned that hypertension usually develops in the context of high salt intake.  Hypertension doesn’t run in my family, but it’s not a bad idea to still watch the salt.

5. Get enough protein. Protein is usually a problem for me.  I work out a lot and I don’t like meat all that much.  I have to remember my fish, beans, tofu, eggs, and quinoa.  I usually eat an egg with breakfast and then try to remember to include protein in my other meals.


So there you have it, my food rules.  🙂


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