Surprise of the Day

So I’m sitting right now in my friend’s living room babysitting their sleeping daughter while he and his wife are out to dinner.  I tried to watch some beautiful HD TV, since I do not own a TV and do most of my TV watching online.  (online TV might be worse than just TV itself – there is always something to watch)  After trying to watch a few different shows, I realized that I was just jumping all over the place and I wasn’t even enjoying the shows.

I tried a different tact.  I have been having a lot of Internet problems in my apartment, so I figured I should take advantage of the great internet here and study – aka watch lecture videos online.  Then I realized that the whole thing was slow and I wasn’t that interested.  So after some more random online surfing, I realized that I should work on this whole blogging thing.

I’ve been walking around with a bunch of things that I want to blog about.  The problem that I’m running into is that I never want to blog about just one thing.  I want to blog about whatever it is that I have my mind on and whatever it is that I’m feeling some passion for at the moment.  Yet, it seems like the most successful blogs have some kind of focus.  Anyway, that’s something I have to work out myself.

Well, I moseyed over to my dashboard here to figure out what I wanted to write and maybe things to improve on here and I was stunned to see that I actually have stats!  People have been reading my blog!  Yikes!  I’m not sure how that happened and I’m not very savvy with all the stats stuff, but people visited!

So dear readers, whoever you are, thank you for coming around.  I’ll try to make this more interesting somehow.


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