Late Night Eating and Cooking

It’s been a long time since I’ve been up this late without there being an impending exam in less than a handful of hours.  I do have an impending exam, but it’s still a couple of days away.

I usually go to sleep relatively early.  Mostly because I’m too tired to deal with whatever I should be dealing with and sleep seems like a much better option.  I always think that things will look better in the morning.  Sometimes they do and sometimes I just wake up crabby anyway.

However, this is not the point of this post.  The point of this post is sweet and tasty things

Last night, that is Friday into Saturday, I was bequeathed a slice of cheesecake.  Now, usually, I’d be a little bit turned off by the idea of eating a whole piece of cheesecake  – the thick and creamy kind.  It’s just with all the hard work I put in at the gym, I’d rather not eat something like a cheesecake, and usually I don’t really have much of a hankering for it.

Lately though, I seem to crave sweets.  Chocolate especially.  I’m sitting here waiting for my brownies to cool (made from this recipe: with a glass of wine.

I had a wine and cheese party a little over a week ago (it seems like much longer ago) and in lieu of having going out kind of fun, I figured I’d open one of the bottles of wine that was left.  The red that I’m drinking is a very light red.  I’m used to my red wine being darker and deeper.  This one is thinner and closer to the consistency of a white.  It surprised me, but it’s a nice glass of wine.  I’m still a deeper red kind of girl, but this is a good wine.

So yes, I’m up late cooking up some brownies because I feel awake and well I want to eat some brownies.  Now, unless these brownies are really good, I’m going to say that just buying the Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate Brownies in a box is much less work and results in fantastic brownies.  I served them at the wine party and they were really fantastic.  I’m all for making things from scratch, but really, I’m tired and the box brownies were surprisingly good and easy.

Well, I’m getting a little bit sleepy now and I hope I can get some sleep.  I need to study all day tomorrow and really I’m just tired.  I want to have a nice long vacation.

PS I made mac and cheese from scratch today and it was terrible…I had to throw it out…I think it was the fact that I used whole wheat pasta that just didn’t taste very good…I was very upset that I threw out what amounted to a very expensive dish.  Sigh.  Annie’s Mac and Cheese is where it’s at.  No more mac and cheese from scratch.  Box mac and cheese, box brownies.


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