Dinner – Funny Eater Style

I never was one of those people that loved meat. I ate it, I still eat it once in a while, but the smell of meat increasingly bothers me. Even chicken bothers me. The problem with this dislike for meat is that I need to eat protein. I workout quite a bit and protein is essential.

So, after a hard workout focusing on upper body, mostly upper back and shoulders, and a run on the treadmill after, I need protein and this is what I came up with.

A good dose of vegetarian chili that is made with lentils (see recipe on 101cookbooks: Pierce Street Vegetarian Chili), which I had previously made and frozen, a dash of shredded colby jack cheese, and a heaping scoopful of quinoa.  I made the quinoa fresh.

While I was cooking up the quinoa, I put the thawed chili and a big pinch of cheese in a microwave proof glass bowl and nuked it for a minute, stirred, and then another minute in the microwave.

Put a big heaping scoop of freshly made quinoa on top and stir until well combined.  Cheesey goodness.  Mmm.

Three cheers for vegetarian protein!


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