Tasty, Fast Dish – Bulgur Risotto

I just made a fabulous tasting dish!  It was simple and easy.  This is one dish that you can make on the fly and know that you’re eating well.  Enter the Bulgur Risotto with Corn and Shrimp from SELF.com.  Technically, the dish also has red bell pepper, but I guess that doesn’t roll of the tongue very easily.

Check it out.

Freshly made bulgur risotto!

I had mine with a cup of red wine.  It’s a bottle that was left over from a party.  This wine is not the kind of red wine I’m used to.  I would call it more watery than what I typically drink, but it’s a tasty wine nonetheless.

I think the next time around, I might play around with what I add and the spices, but I love this recipe for it’s utter simplicity.  And the taste factor.  🙂  It’s fantastic right when you’ve made it, all piping hot, but I think it’ll be just as good cold.  I certainly thought it tasted even better at the second helping when it got to sit in the pot for a little bit.

I highly recommend making the bulgur risotto.  I might just go and eat the whole pot right now.  This is definitely a down side to living alone.  You make something fantastic and you don’t have anyone to eat it with you, so you either end up eating it all yourself or resisting that temptation.  I tend to eat it all, but that’s another story for another time.


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