Friday Night!

So I decided to celebrate Friday with some time to myself.  Once classes let out, I started off with a burrito from Chipotle with a friend.  I know that the calories in a burrito from Chipotle are out of control, but I have been pretty hungry all week.  I don’t know if it’s the extra challenging workouts lately or the fact that I upped the number of training sessions the last few weeks.  Or maybe it’s because spring is coming.  Whatever the case, I’ve been eating and eating and eating.  Hopefully, I’m not undoing all my efforts at the gym.

So after enjoying a nice and tasty burrito – I even added guacamole (I love guacamole!!) – I headed off the grocery store.  I love the grocery store here.  There is always fun things to discover.  I just have to be careful not to let my spending get out of control.

The real fun began when I got home from the gym.

I started off with a Salmon Florentine (see earlier post here) for dinner.  Then, still hungry, I made a pizza.  I haven’t had much luck with breads lately, so I bought a pizza crust from the grocery store:

I topped the pizza crust with a glaze of olive oil and leftover jarred pasta sauce from my fridge:



Frozen mix made my life so much easier!

Got me this:

And into the oven it goes.  After 10 minutes or so, I added some chopped cilantro which was wilting away in my fridge and some freshly ground black pepper:

After another 5 minutes, I wasn’t happy with the meltiness of the cheese, so I left the pizza in a little bit longer.  Only problem is that I forgot to set the timer again and the pizza came out a little bit browner that I wanted.  Oh well.  Still tasty.  Here is the final result:

And a close up:

I ate half the pizza throughout the evening.

So round three of cooking this evening involved making this: Maple Walnut Apple Cake from eggs on sunday.  I was hoping to use more than one apple, but the apples I have are so big that it took only one apple.  Oh well.  I had to cook mine in a square baking dish because I don’t own a cake pan and I left the skin on my apple for some extra fiber.  Here are the photos.

Before baking:

And a shot from the side:

And after a trip to the oven:

Fresh from the oven!

After some cooling and negotiating…the cake is out and upside down!

And plated just right with a glass of Bully Hill wine.


Don't forget the wine!

By the way, that wine, was surprisingly good.  A mellow, light, red wine.  I usually like my red wine dark, deep, and rich, but this one is good in its own very light way.

That concludes my friday evening.  Of course there is now a ridiculous amount of dishes to wash.


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