Breakfast and Vitamins, Oh My!

You should eat breakfast and you should take your vitamins.  I’m telling you as a medical professional…actually, I’m not, because that would probably be all sorts of legal trouble.  Let’s try again.  I think you should eat breakfast because it’s tasty and you should take your vitamins because who has time to figure out if they’re getting enough of all the essential nutrients.  I’m not sure that’s much better, but let’s just say that I believe in breakfast and I think that vitamins are a pretty good idea, most of the time.

I love a big breakfast because then I’m not starving all morning and salivating while I think about lunch.  The thing is that breakfast is usually whatever is fastest, so I have a breakfast routine.  What I mean by that is that I have some set options that I choose from for the week.

Breakfast Options:

1. high fiber cereal with kefir yogurt (and fresh berries) – I usually eat Kashi GoLean cereal.  Right now my favorite is Kashi GoLean Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble.  Some people find it too sweet, but when my fresh berries are missing, I like the sweetness because it counters the sour notes in the yogurt.


2. banana and a protein bar – these are usually for days that I’m working out in the morning because they are portable and I can eat them on the run.

3. eggs – I like omelettes a lot , but usually don’t have time to make them unless it’s a weekend morning.  I usually hard boil the eggs at the beginning of the week and keep them in the fridge for on the go eating.  They are especially helpful on workout mornings.

4. coffee or caffeinated tea – I try not to drink caffeine or rely on it, but sometimes a girl needs some help finding her pep in the morning.  I do love a dark, deep flavored coffee.  My favorites are Sumatran coffee and coffee from Costa Rica.

Now in all that breakfast mix, I take my vitamins in the morning.  For on the go convenience, with the exception of the Omega-3 supplement that I take, all of them are chewable.

Vitamins that I eat:

1. vitafusion MultiVites – they multivitamins taste pretty good, have a good dose of vitamin D (which I need where I live), and they are in gummy form, what’s not to like?

2. vitafusion Power C – these are the best tasting vitamins I have ever had and are also in a delectable gummy form

3. Pure Alaska Omega Omega-3 – these wild Alaskan salmon oil pills are pretty in the UV protected bottle and are easy to swallow.  Plus, I like that they are derived from wild fish as opposed to farmed fish.  Farmed fish is gross.  If I’m eating salmon for dinner or lunch, I usually leave this one out that day.

4. Calcium Chews – The important thing about calcium supplements is that they are most effective when you take them with meals.  Calcium is better absorbed when there is a lot of acid in your stomach and that happens when you eat.  For this one I didn’t specify a brand or type mostly because I’m undecided about which one I like.  I don’t mind the chewy chocolate caramel ones too much, the gummy ones from vitafusion are like chunks of sugar and are some weird creamy yogurt swirl flavor which is pretty gross, and I have yet to pick up ones that I have to swallow with water.  I think I’ll probably end up sticking with the chocolate variety because they are the least gross, but if any of you work on making calcium supplements can you make some chewable ones that taste good?  Thanks.

So that’s today’s round up.  I’ll post photos of everything once I’ve taken them.  I started to google for photos but then didn’t want to have to deal with that hassle of citing where I got the photos from and all that.

Carpe diem.


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