A Tasty Eater Breakfast

This morning I woke up early to go rollerblading.  In an effort to save time, I ate a protein bar on the way to the park.

As you can tell, I love Kashi products.  I can’t help but like a company with a good mission, cute commercials, and tasty products.  I think that next time, though, I might eat a piece of fruit because the chocolatey goodness of the protein bar was way too sweet for a 5:30 AM “meal.”

Anyway, I got home from the park and found myself in that zone where I know how to fix up a meal that I want to eat from what I have.  I don’t know if that makes any sense, but sometimes things just come to me and I love that feeling.  I wish I could stay in that state more often.  I’m tempted to say all the time, but I think that might just make me a very efficient robot.

Back to breakfast.

I had pre-washed (as in I washed it myself and put it in the fridge for later) fancy lettuce – I don’t know the names of the different types of lettuce from the package.  When I bought lettuce that looked like this last time, they called it hydroponic, which is a growing method and does not give me any idea of what the variety of lettuce is.  Oh well.

Onward.  I also had pre-cooked (as in I cooked it myself and put it in the fridge for later…notice a theme here?) quinoa and red spring wheat berries.  Eggs.  Yum.  Have I ever told you how much I love eggs?  I love them so much that my mom and sister were convinced that all I’d eat when I started living on my own would be a fried egg over rice.  Boy did I prove them wrong.

Back to the point here.  I seem to be going off on tangents a lot today.  I’ll give you a nice summary list at the end, I promise.  I also had two bright orange and red sweet peppers.  One onion.  Some baby bok choy.  Some guacamole that I made the other day to preserve the wonderfully ripe avocados sitting on the kitchen table.  And parmigiano reggiano cheese.  The kind that’s already shredded for you is the best.  I love this cheese.  I can’t eat the dried powdery kind anymore…sorry, Kraft.  Oh, and there were some slightly over roasted whole almonds lying around.

So what did I do?  If I wasn’t so hungry and had even a drop of patience, I might have taken some procedural pictures, but alas, no such gift from me today.

In words…

1. Hand ripped the lettuce into smaller pieces and placed in the bottom of a shallow bowl.

This isn't the lettuce that I actually put in breakfast, but it's the same kinds of lettuce.

2. Fried up an egg to my liking and set it aside.  I like my eggs over easy.  (I know some of you are gagging and making faces, but eggs are much tastier that way.)  I fried up the egg first so I would only have to wash one frying pan.

3. In the same frying pan, I put in some chopped sweet vidalia onion with some olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, and Himalayan salt.  (Have I told you about this salt??  I will…in a post to come.)  Saute a couple of minutes.

4. Add the wheat berries and bok choy.  Saute some more and adjust seasoning to taste.

5. Add the quinoa, so that it’s warmed up.

6. After everything is cooked and well mixed, plate on top of lettuce.

7. Top with freshly sliced sweet baby peppers – I only had one orange and one red one today.

8.  Place fried egg on top.  (Yup, this is one tall dish.)

9. Add guacamole or hummus for flavor, if desired.  (I told you I was a funny eater, so I put large gobs of guacamole in mine.)

10. Sprinkle some shredded parmigiano reggiano (or cheese of choice).

11.  Eat!!  (The most important step.)

As you can see in the above photo strip (and I apologize that it’s difficult to see, I just don’t know how to do all the fancy photo editing to make it look better and I don’t really have time now to figure it out), the right most picture shows the same “salad” with big spoonfuls of guacamole and a fried egg on top.  If this blog were more hip, I might ask you to find the guacamole for a prize, kind of like Where’s Waldo?, but alas, it’s not.

This is what I did this morning.  I usually have some sort of variation on this idea of using what I have to make a meal.  Breakfast and salads are versatile because I think eggs go with pretty much anything and salads can have whatever you want in them.  I try to keep things full of fresh vegetables, whole grain, and made by me.  None of that prepackaged, processed stuff.  We’re keeping things healthy.

Up for tomorrow, a trip to a local farmer’s market!  Stay tuned.


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