As promised…The Farmer’s Market

I hit the farmer’s market early today, after eating breakfast at a cafe that I am prone to go to for lunch and coffee.

This is what I got:

Summer Spinach from an Organic Farm





Sugar Snap Peas from an Organic Farm

Lettuce Mix

I already have plans for most of the lovely things I got at market today. I’m excited to be eating fresh produce as the produce from the grocery store has been bland lately causing a disinterest in vegetables and fruits.  The cilantro will probably go in a batch of bulgur risotto, which I wrote about a while back (the link takes you to the post); the beets will probably be roasted and the beet greens made into a salad; and the fruits, eaten fresh.  The other things I haven’t decided on what their fates are yet.

In other news, I’ve updated the post Friday Night, which was missing some photos, and added some text.  I know the update was long overdue and I apologize.  I also added two photos to the Breakfast, but nothing really earth shattering there.  Just wanted to keep you all in the loop.

I have a million photos of backlogged items that are waiting to be put into posts, which I’ll be doing slowly over the course of this week.  (At least that’s the idea…keep your fingers crossed.)  So keep a look out.


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