Clean Up, Clean Out

So, we have been trying to stay true to the whole paleo/primal diet over the last few days.  I think we’re at day 4 or so.  Although, I catch myself thinking about food that involves grain or dairy every so often, I don’t really miss the grains or dairy too much.  It’s more just weird that it’s not there.

Today, we went on a spontaneous clean out spree of our pantry and fridge.  I think that we were avoiding the clean out because it’s painful to think about how much food is no longer useful to us.  We got most of it out and some of it just went back up on a high shelf for the cases in which people come over.

Now, the pantry is so nice and clean.  In fact it’s kind of funny because the fridge is stocked full of fresh produce, while the pantry is almost bare.  The extra space is nice since it means we can give more permanent homes to our more nomadic kitchen items.

There was not too many surprises over in the fridge and our freezer stayed mostly intact.  We did find some good things to make some tasty dishes out of and that was fun.  After all the cooking that I learned to do over the last couple of years, I think I’m going to have to start over again in some ways since I am going to have to learn how to cook meat.  I know there is a stew recipe on here, but that required almost no effort.  Actually cooking meat is going to require some finesse here.  My parents do it well, but I’m going to have to learn so I don’t spend eons of time trying to figure it out for every meal.

I wish I had some fun photos for you, but our clean out was actually very underwhelming.  The highlight for me was scrubbing the pantry shelves clean.


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