Funny Eater Gone Paleo

I went paleo/primal a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been finding out all sorts of things about people who eat paleo/primal – things from people who find that they no longer need to shampoo their hair (and here) to people to the fact that eating this way sometimes ends up with surprising “side effects.”  It’s all good stuff.  For me though, I was thinking today about how certain things about the way I eat haven’t changed.  So, things that have not changed here at Funny Eater.

1. I still just throw lots of random things from my fridge into a pan to make a meal.  (Only, now it doesn’t have grains.) Case in point.  Lunch today was this:

Seafood and Vegetable Medley

I foraged the fridge and found some frozen mixed seafood, frozen shrimp, frozen scallops, and a bunch of our lovely farmer’s market finds of the week in the fridge.  Chop everything up and dump into a wok with a big splash of olive oil and cook until done.  Yum!  (Okay, so I put a little more thought into the timing of when things actually went into the pan since I didn’t want some things to be undercooked and other things to be overcooked.  Still, really not that difficult.)  Here is a close up of my haphazard lunch special:

Medley Take 2

2. I still eat leftovers cold.  Granted cold meat and fish are definitely less tasty than when they are hot.  They still taste pretty good though and that works for me.  I think heating up protein leftovers sounds kind of gross actually.  However, when you are eating paleo/primal, leftovers are a lifesaver.  You really don’t have anything to snack on when you get hungry between meals and it’s impractical to cook up something to eat all the time.  I’ve also been eating a lot of beef jerky and nuts in between meals.

3. I still eat lots of vegetables.  In fact, I eat a better variety of vegetables.  When you don’t have grains to bulk up and give variety to your meals, you’re forced to look for variety in the things that you do eat.  This is a good things.  I’ve become good friends with escarole, summer spinach (see pic below), and beets (see pic below).  All things that I did not eat regularly before.


Those are probably the major things that are the  same.  With the ‘rents, I’ve also noticed that we sometimes eat sort of a buffet style, a la Korean ban-chan.  (Ban-chan are small plates of different foods that you eat with rice.  This is typically how Korean people eat.)  I like eating that way.  Having a bunch of different things out in front of you not only gives you variety, but it allows you to eat what you feel compelled to eat.  I think it’s a healthier way to eat because you eat for your body and you are not eating whatever is put in front of you regardless of whether you feel like eating it or not.

Well, it’s late and as much as I want to make this all pretty and polished, it’s not happening.  Long day tomorrow.  Wish me luck and send me good vibes – I need them.

Night night.


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