Paleo Shopping

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You might have been thinking that this would be a super cool post.  It’s really not that cool, but here we go.

My favorite stores in this universe include Target, Ikea, and Costco.  I love other places, but that’s all you need to know for now.  So I was shopping at Costco yesterday and realized that I go there because I can get things that I can’t get elsewhere and for a good price.  Here is what I like to buy at Costco for my paleo eating:

1. fish (frozen and fresh) – tons of fresh fish options along with some seafood options usually.  With frozen you have your pick of vacuum sealed filets of fish of all sorts.  I try to make sure I buy a wild caught kind.  Currently, I have wild salmon in the freezer.

2. sausages – lots of variety here.  We bought a chicken apple sausage yesterday because I understood all the ingredients.  We’re also trying to avoid nightshade family foods, so the roasted red pepper chicken sausage was not an option.

3. meat – most of it is conventional.  (All you experience paleo eaters are probably cringing a little)  However, they do carry some organic versions of meat.  I’ve had organic ground beef from there and the flavor was good (and I really don’t like meat that much, so that’s saying something.).  If you don’t mind conventional, you can save a lot of money buying meat at Costco.  Just saying.

4. nuts – nuts!  I love that you can buy huge bags of raw nuts that have no salt.  The salted kind is always too salty for me.  In fact, in pure funny eater style, I washed my salted marcona almonds and baked them dry in the toaster oven the other day.  That’s right, I washed those almonds of their salt.

5. produce – personally I prefer to buy my produce from the farmer’s market.  Tastes better.  However, Costco does have a pretty amazing selection of fresh produce and if you’re feeding a lot of people, it’s a great deal.  They even have organic options.

6. avocados – these are so expensive to buy any place else, so I love Costco for carrying them.  I know they count as produce, but I think they deserve their own numbered item.

7. oils – wonderful olive oils and I’m sure other oils.  They even carry organic olive oil now.  Yay!

8. eggs – eggs.  I eat a lot of them.  Costco carries a lot of them.  I like the organic kind.  They also have omega 3 enriched, conventional, and probably a couple other options.

9. frozen shrimp – I like shrimp.  They’re easy.  Even though the shrimp isn’t wild caught, I buy the Kirkland frozen shrimp.  Easy to use and much cheaper than the grocery store.

10. frozen scallops – I like things to be even, so I gave frozen shrimp and scallop their own lines.  Again, same as with the shrimp – easy to use.

**Edit: 11. coconut water – packaged in terra packs, you can’t go wrong with these handy hydrators. **

I think that about rounds it up.  What are people’s favorite places to shop for paleo eats?  What do other people buy at Costco??


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