So Many Tasty Things

I have a lot of catch up to do.  I’m going to start with this post about the tasty highlights of the last few days.

First up, salmon and shrimp (see the photos below) that I made.  Super easy.


Defrost (or get fresh, which is even better) some frozen wild salmon and some frozen shrimp.  Coat with some olive oil.  Sprinkle himalayan salt and fresh ground black pepper on top.  Pop into the convection toaster oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.  (You should adjust the time as you see fit).  The Himalayan salt makes all the difference.  Everything tastes great and takes almost no effort to make.

You can see the shrimp above.  Now for the salmon:

Okay, now that we’re done with the protein, let’s move onto veggies.

Doesn’t it look great?!  Fresh spring onion, zucchini, and sunburst (or pattypan) squash from the farmer’s market sauteed in olive oil.  So tasty and keeps really well in the fridge.  Go make some.  You’ll love how it tastes.

I have some other fun veggie news in the form of the Farmer’s Market haul from this week, but that’s for another post.


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