I don’t have any exciting post titles in me, so breakfast it is.  I had to share this photo because I love the bright yellow carrot that is posing in the front of this tasty egg creation.  I believe I also tossed in chopped vidalia onions, chicken and apple sausage, sweet peppers, and romano beans.

We’re pretty much done with peppers around here.  We’re trying to dial down the nightshades.  (Now, I know this is a paleo, auto-immune type thing, but this definitely counts as funny eating.)  We haven’t had any tomatoes ,which is really sad, since summer has some great tomatoes.

In other news, we bought black velvet apricots from Costco.  They look just like apricots but with a really deep dark purple hue.  The taste is like a plum.  It’s really strange, but very tasty.  Try them out if you get a chance.

And, that’s about all I’ve got right now.


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