en papillote

**cross posted to Forks in the Crossroads**

I have been wanting to try this whole “en papillote” cooking thing for a really long time now.  I saw it on TV when the great Jacques Pepin was cooking (on PBS).  He did some really cool geometric things with the parchment paper…yeah not me.  Then, I saw it in a magazine as a recipe to impress.  When I saw it on Health Bent, I had to do it.

The only thing I really followed from the Health Bent recipe was the oven temp.  I dialed the time down to about 10 minutes because I was using our fantastic convection toaster oven and it was a small piece of fish.  Instead of spring onions (sadly, I ran out and have to wait until market on Thursday to get more), I put in chopped sweet vidalia onion, sliced local garlic that we bought yesterday, and some fresh basil leaves.  I did my usual coating of olive oil with some himalayan salt and fresh ground black pepper on top.

The final result is a tasty fish done in 10 minutes.  Awesome.  (In fact it’s so awesome, the dog is begging for some.)

Try it out.  It’s easy and it makes you feel fancy.


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