Farmer’s Market

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Sooo….it’s been a week and today I’m feeling awfully lazy. Actually, truth be told I have been really stressed out lately about various things. I know, it’s terrible. All that cortisol running around my body is not doing me any favors. I just have a hard time with things sometimes. Anyway, this is not about me and my cortisol, but about the Farmer’s Market.

Today is my last official day visiting this particular Farmer’s Market. I am totally sad about it. I wish I could just stay here and continue on this journey of getting calmer and having a life. Alas, my current career trajectory has other ideas. (I am hoping to get off that career trajectory, but I’ll leave those thoughts for another post.)

The height of summer produce isn’t my favorite. I’ll be honest. The string beans have been way too fat and tough to eat lately and other produce just tastes a bit bitter to me. I liked early summer better. All the young and fresh produce that was just making it out of the ground just tasted better to me.

As usual, I forgot to take a camera or my phone to take pictures. I also forgot to take photos when we got home. Things are a little crazy around here. The stuff that spoils got shoved into the fridge and then we tackled some life things, so I’m giving you a wordy run down instead of a lot of photos.

My sister is home and she came to the market today (yay!). We ended up having a more involved shopping excursion than usual. We also ended up showing up much later than usual since we all slept in (I actually got a good amount of sleep last night, which I really needed. I was very, very, very sleep deprived.)

First, we stopped at my favorite organic farmer. We got some french lettuce, rainbow carrots, cabbage, parsley, little yellow-orange cherry tomatoes, and a couple of zucchini.

You can’t see everything in the photo. I just snapped whatever was still on the table post shopping because I am feeling way lazy about the photos right now.

You’ll also notice in the photo that you see some corn peeking out from the right side and some plums up top in a white bag. We snagged those and a carton of eggs from another local farmer. They aren’t organic, but they are local and they are the major fruit supplier of the market that we go to.

Then, the meat guy was there. I have wanted to try some local meat for while, but this guy was missing last week. We ended up buying a couple of boneless pork chops and we had them for lunch. I am really not good with meat so I looked up a recipe on Purely Primal. We made the Lime Honey Pork Chops. My sister ended up doing most of the cooking. The pork chops were good! Easy recipe, tasty meal. I am not going to complain.

I wish I had a picture of lunch for you, especially since lunch involved some of my sister’s paleo friendly cabbage slaw, grilled zucchini slices, and grilled sweet onions. Alas, I ended up on an inadvertent fast this morning and we ended up eating at 2:30 PM, so you’ll have to understand that food was looking really good at that point. (I hadn’t even had a glass of water until 2 PM!) The only thing I have for you is that plate of mostly grilled onions off to the left side of the picture.

Back to the market. Our final stop was a winery. We bought a bottle of pinot gris (at least I think that’s what it was…I’ll have to go and check) after taste testing that and some framboise. The framboise was not at all like framboise that I’ve had and had a weird taste, so we nixed that one.

All in all a very productive market trip. Off to be productive in other ways.


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