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Cooking for the Week

Since going paleo, I seem to be spending a lot more money at the grocery store.  Then again, I’m sure it’s because I’m finding all these novel meats in the back corner of the store that I want to try.  If  I stopped some of my extravagant indulgences with the novelty meats, things would be less pricey.  Then again, I also have been doing a lot of convenience shopping lately, which is hiking up the price as well.  Convenience shopping meaning pre-chopped mushrooms, vacuum sealed grassfed roast beef, etc.  Hey, not a lot of time on my hands, so I have to make do.  Much to my chagrin, money does make the world go ’round.  Money also solves a lot of problems.

Moving on to the all important issue of food.  Today, I made two versions of what Nom Nom Paleo calls Emergency Protein.  Personally, I always made some variation of a stir fry and those of you who have read this blog since before my paleo conversion know that in the past it was more of a stir fry with rice (i.e. fried rice) and now it’s just minus the grains.

So, version 1:

Version 1 with Beef

Version 1 was with 95/5 ground beef.  Yes, I used conventional meat.  And even with my conventional meat buying I had a grocery bill of about 100 dollars.  I live alone folks and I have a reverse job, as in I keep accruing more debt.  So as much as I would like my grassfed beef, I went with the conventional meats today.  Very sad, I know.

Back to the topic here.  So version 1.  Ground beef, baby bella mushrooms, red onion, kale, olive oil, and a good splash of red wine.  I got two lunch containers worth.  Unfortunately, you are looking at the largest pan I own.  The other one is my smaller egg pan which has been completely neglected lately.

On to version 2:

Version 2 with Pork

In this version, I used ground pork.  No wine in this one.  Red onions, zucchini, broccoli, baby bella mushrooms, and some chopped scallions tossed it after I turned off the heat.  Yum!

Can’t wait to eat these this week.  It gets even better…

I was at the market and saw some lovely local cucumbers and bought two.  Then I wondered when I was going to feel motivated to eat them.  Enter the appearance of this lovely recipe on Purely Primal.  Now, I am avoiding nightshades, so I subbed in some fresh red cabbage instead of the tomatoes.  The rest of the recipe, I pretty much followed.  Check it out:

It tastes even better than it looks.  I even put for the effort of plating this one and taking the picture by the window.  Really, though, this one you should try.  It’s super easy and super tasty.  I even used some basil from my basil plant for this one.

I am so much happier after cooking and knowing that I will have good food to eat all week.  Plus, my kitchen isn’t too messy right now.  Much happier.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  Don’t forget to eat yummy foods!




If you’ve been here from the beginning…

you know that I don’t have a natural affinity for eating meat, especially if it’s gamey.  Yet, I’m eating meat at my protein for almost every meal and meat has become a huge part of my life recently.  It’s a strange new world, but a good one.  I have found that eating fresh, good sources of meat, usually organic and/or local allows me to eat meat without too much difficulty.  I started eating meat regularly when I changed my eating habits to align with a paleo/primal way of eating.  I love eating this way even though it requires a little more thought on my part.

Here is the funny thing though.  This entire time, I’ve been obsessing over the whole meat issue.  I think about where I am going to get my protein for every meal.  I make sure I have some meat on hand to eat as my protein source.  Worse case scenario, I eat more eggs.  I love eggs, so I’m not really sad about that.  I just think that variety in my diet would be better.

So, I think about meat and protein sources a lot.  In the mix, I think I somehow shortchanged vegetables.  I need to remember to eat more vegetables with my meat.  It’s not that I all of a sudden eat only meat or love meat, it’s just that I’ve been so focused on getting protein into my diet, that I sort of neglected my vegetables.  No more of that.  I need to eat more veggies and stop being so focused on the meat part.  I’ve been doing okay with eating paleo on my own, but it’s not as easy as last year when I was eating grains and veggies to my heart’s content.

Meat tastes much better hot and freshly cooked.  Meat is a little more thought consuming to prepare.  Meat requires special handling (i.e. fridge/freezer housing and being eaten relatively quickly).  Other than that, we’re doing all right.

It’s interesting to think about a nearly 180 switch from my original eating habits, but my goal remains the same.  Eat in a manner that promotes optimal health.


So, I’ve moved and all that jazz. You can read about that at I’ve also been eating. Everyone eats…at least I hope everyone does.


Having a get together two days after moving. Thank you to my wonderful mom and sister for getting me to the point of being able to do that. Good times.

Having my new neighbors make me Indian food. Not only did they save me from starving, I was totally touched by the gesture. And Indian food from scratch…YUM! Peas and potatoes aren’t exactly paleo friendly, but I needed to eat. Plus, it’s not nice to refuse food that someone made just for you.

Paleo eating has kept me from completely starving. I’m convinced of it. I haven’t eaten a whole lot while working this past week, but I didn’t die and I wasn’t ravenous. I think it’s the paleo and not the fact that I was tired.

Okay, still completely tired around here and would love to write some more, but this is all I’ve got right now. I hope I’ll find time to post, but I can’t make any promises right now.

Getting Straightened Out

I’ve moved and things are a little bit all over the place right now.  I’ll be back soon with some good stuff.  I just have to find some time somewhere in this crazy schedule.  Don’t miss me too much while I’m on hiatus.  🙂