If you’ve been here from the beginning…

you know that I don’t have a natural affinity for eating meat, especially if it’s gamey.  Yet, I’m eating meat at my protein for almost every meal and meat has become a huge part of my life recently.  It’s a strange new world, but a good one.  I have found that eating fresh, good sources of meat, usually organic and/or local allows me to eat meat without too much difficulty.  I started eating meat regularly when I changed my eating habits to align with a paleo/primal way of eating.  I love eating this way even though it requires a little more thought on my part.

Here is the funny thing though.  This entire time, I’ve been obsessing over the whole meat issue.  I think about where I am going to get my protein for every meal.  I make sure I have some meat on hand to eat as my protein source.  Worse case scenario, I eat more eggs.  I love eggs, so I’m not really sad about that.  I just think that variety in my diet would be better.

So, I think about meat and protein sources a lot.  In the mix, I think I somehow shortchanged vegetables.  I need to remember to eat more vegetables with my meat.  It’s not that I all of a sudden eat only meat or love meat, it’s just that I’ve been so focused on getting protein into my diet, that I sort of neglected my vegetables.  No more of that.  I need to eat more veggies and stop being so focused on the meat part.  I’ve been doing okay with eating paleo on my own, but it’s not as easy as last year when I was eating grains and veggies to my heart’s content.

Meat tastes much better hot and freshly cooked.  Meat is a little more thought consuming to prepare.  Meat requires special handling (i.e. fridge/freezer housing and being eaten relatively quickly).  Other than that, we’re doing all right.

It’s interesting to think about a nearly 180 switch from my original eating habits, but my goal remains the same.  Eat in a manner that promotes optimal health.


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