Cooking for the Week

Since going paleo, I seem to be spending a lot more money at the grocery store.  Then again, I’m sure it’s because I’m finding all these novel meats in the back corner of the store that I want to try.  If  I stopped some of my extravagant indulgences with the novelty meats, things would be less pricey.  Then again, I also have been doing a lot of convenience shopping lately, which is hiking up the price as well.  Convenience shopping meaning pre-chopped mushrooms, vacuum sealed grassfed roast beef, etc.  Hey, not a lot of time on my hands, so I have to make do.  Much to my chagrin, money does make the world go ’round.  Money also solves a lot of problems.

Moving on to the all important issue of food.  Today, I made two versions of what Nom Nom Paleo calls Emergency Protein.  Personally, I always made some variation of a stir fry and those of you who have read this blog since before my paleo conversion know that in the past it was more of a stir fry with rice (i.e. fried rice) and now it’s just minus the grains.

So, version 1:

Version 1 with Beef

Version 1 was with 95/5 ground beef.  Yes, I used conventional meat.  And even with my conventional meat buying I had a grocery bill of about 100 dollars.  I live alone folks and I have a reverse job, as in I keep accruing more debt.  So as much as I would like my grassfed beef, I went with the conventional meats today.  Very sad, I know.

Back to the topic here.  So version 1.  Ground beef, baby bella mushrooms, red onion, kale, olive oil, and a good splash of red wine.  I got two lunch containers worth.  Unfortunately, you are looking at the largest pan I own.  The other one is my smaller egg pan which has been completely neglected lately.

On to version 2:

Version 2 with Pork

In this version, I used ground pork.  No wine in this one.  Red onions, zucchini, broccoli, baby bella mushrooms, and some chopped scallions tossed it after I turned off the heat.  Yum!

Can’t wait to eat these this week.  It gets even better…

I was at the market and saw some lovely local cucumbers and bought two.  Then I wondered when I was going to feel motivated to eat them.  Enter the appearance of this lovely recipe on Purely Primal.  Now, I am avoiding nightshades, so I subbed in some fresh red cabbage instead of the tomatoes.  The rest of the recipe, I pretty much followed.  Check it out:

It tastes even better than it looks.  I even put for the effort of plating this one and taking the picture by the window.  Really, though, this one you should try.  It’s super easy and super tasty.  I even used some basil from my basil plant for this one.

I am so much happier after cooking and knowing that I will have good food to eat all week.  Plus, my kitchen isn’t too messy right now.  Much happier.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  Don’t forget to eat yummy foods!




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