Be excited, I actually took photos this morning of my breakfast.  Yay!

Here we go.

First, you heat up a pan with some chopped pancetta and red onion:

I didn’t use any oil since the pancetta has a fatty part that melts and provides the oil I need to cook.

After a little sizzling, add chopped veggies of your choice.  I added fresh organic carrots and broccoli:

Cook until desired tenderness and brownness.  You can stop here and just eat it or plate it as a side.  Since I almost always eat eggs for breakfast, I dumped in two farm fresh eggs and and stirred to make a scramble:


I like to make things efficient, so I just crack the eggs straight into the pan and stir.  No pre-whisking required.  I also did not add any salt or spices whatsoever.  The pancetta was enough flavor for me.  However, some of you may find the final product a little bland.  I do urge you to try it without added salt (my health professional PSA of the day).

For dessert (yes, I had dessert, it’s Sunday morning), I took a peach and halved it:


Took two small scoops of this stuff:

And filled the peaches in:


I realize that it could look a lot fancier with a better job getting the quark into the peaches and maybe some drizzled honey or chocolate on top.  However, I’m trying not to overdo the sugar.  You could also sprinkle some chopped nuts on top.  Feel free to amp up the fancy factor though for your loved ones or for a special occasion or just because.  I’m a big fan of just because since it makes an everyday event fun and special.

Happy Sunday Morning Breakfast!



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