A late start

Getting up to a late start this morning.  Not really feeling very interested in doing much of anything.  I wouldn’t mind hanging out in my comfy bed all day.  It’s too bad I can’t hang out in my comfy bed in the middle of a great expanse of nature under a sunny blue sky punctuated with puffy white clouds.  Don’t ask me where I got that image, I just want to be cozy and relaxed, but outside as well today.

I’m hauling my butt to the farmer’s market.  Today I’m going to walk there.  It’s not far, maybe a mile or little over that.  The only question is bringing everything back.  I’m thinking backpack is the way to go.  These days I have little interest in driving since when I do drive, I end up frustrated.

I had a broccoli egg scramble that I considered taking a photo of, but then decided not to.  Yup, it’s one of those days.  (I bet by now, you’re annoyed that I keep saying things and then ending with nothing good.  Sorry…I’ll fix that when I get back from the farmer’s market.)

Anyway, off to the market.  Hopefully after a jaunt in the cool air, I’ll feel like cooking and getting some photos up on here.  There is a recipe that I’ve been meaning to try all week and that will be the first thing I do.  Stay tuned…



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