Farmer’s Market Finds

My trusty guide, who I happened to bump into at the farmer’s market, pointed out all the good things to eat from the farm that he was selling for, so I got a lot of very tasty things today.

First up, kale.  Russian kale to your left and Red kale (or maybe it’s Purple kale…it does look more purple than red) to your right.  These were the beautiful items that initially caught my eye.

Then, after having a good laugh over recognizing the person behind the stand, I was advised to buy some arugula (on your left) and some lettuce (on your right).  I could smell the wonderful peppery scent of the arugula when I went to wash it.  Yum!

Then, from a completely different farm stand, I bought some cauliflower just because I wanted some.  However, I much prefer shopping at farm stands where the people are friendly.  I think that’s part of the joy in shopping at farmer’s markets.  The man who sold me the cauliflower didn’t so much as grunt.  Oh well.

After all my vegetable fun, I stopped by the dairy farmer and bought some tasty yogurt and a yogurt drink.

No fruit or meat from the farmer’s market today.  I wasn’t really in the mood and I forgot to get some cash from the bank, so that’s the extent of the shopping today.


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