I have been constantly hungry lately.  The girl at the co-op tells me that it’s the time of year.  Um, no offense, Mother Nature, but I’m not really interested in storing fat on my body for the winter.  That’s what my very long puffer jacket with the fur trimmed hood is for.

Anyway, in the spirit of hungry, I went on a massive shopping spree today this morning at the farmer’s market supplemented by a quick stop at the co-op.  I bought enough things that I just dumped them out on my coffee table, took two pictures and called it a day.  So let’s see what I’ve got here.

All right from the top left corner, going clockwise. Farm fresh brown eggs.  (Next week I’m going to try the duck eggs…I’m hoping I feel richer by next week to afford the splurge.)  Russian kale, which you don’t get a good view of.  Nor do you have a good view of the rainbow chard.  Some garlic and herb curds (that’s going on my very expensive flatbread pizza…more on that later).  In the middle is some ground rabbit meat – still a little squeamish, but I’m trying it.  (I’ve had multiple people tell me to try it now…so here goes nothing.)  Then we have four jars of some very tasty yogurt (I talked about this dairy before).  And some carrots.

Next up…

Again from the top left, going clockwise.  You get a slightly better view of the rainbow chard.  Then there is the cauliflower, which I’m adding to my collection of two in the fridge.  (I couldn’t resist, this one looked so good…I did consider the orange colored one, but this one was just calling to me.)  I don’t know if you can see the broccoli in between the chard and cauliflower, but it’s there.  Then we have some arugula in the bottom corner.  That’s going to become pesto.  Some raw sunflower seeds.  Almond flour (this stuff is expensive!).  And Applegate bacon and prosciutto.  The prosciutto is shy and is hiding underneath next to the garlic, which you can’t see at all.  The last few things, from the sunflower seeds to the end of the list are from the co-op.

I think I’m a little crazy.  This is so much food and it’s just me.  I really must be losing it.  Then again, studying makes me hungry.  Plus, I started working out again (yay!), so I think that’s making me more hungry.  My goal this week is to eat more vegetables.

I found out that I don’t like cold vegetables – aka salad.  I always try to get myself to eat salad, but it’s really not my style.  So armed with a bunch of onions and garlic, there will probably be a lot of stir-frying going on.  I should really buy a wok.

Oh and I treated myself to some cut flowers.  The lady said it was bargain day so she put in a bunch more stems in for the same price.  The colors are just so pretty.  Great for punching up the lack of good color in my apartment.

Stay tuned for some flatbread pizza (I’ve been craving pizza and something chewy all week…) and other assorted food fun.

Hope your Saturday is off to a good start because mine is! 🙂


PS I broke one of my chopsticks accidentally and then forgot to buy some when I went out yesterday…this lack in my kitchen needs to be remedied ASAP.




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