I think I just made the most expensive pizza in the world.  Okay, not in the world, since you know that someone out there made it their mission to make a ridiculously expensive pizza just to say that they did.  However, this is the most expensive pizza that I’ve ever eaten.  From almond flour that costs something like 14 dollars for 16 oz to the cheese that was a dollar an ounce, I am talking about a very expensive pizza.  However, despite that and the huge mess in my kitchen (we had a free water show that created a waterfall and ensuing flood in the sink are), I think it was worth the effort.  I don’t know when I’ll find the energy to make it again, but it’s tasty.  There is no doubt about that.  I also no longer want pizza…I think.

I followed this recipe at Roost.  I was craving pizza all week and I had been eyeing this recipe for a while.  I did have my reservations about grain free baking (and admittedly, I still prefer to eat things as close to their original form as possible), but I was craving pizza and it was either give into grain free baking or eat regular pizza.  I’m glad that I opted for the former and not the latter.  I feel very decadent and special.  This reminds me, I should drink that wine in my fridge while I write this post and eat little slivers of this flatbread.  Oh right…it’s flatbread and not pizza.  Whoops!  Has the same effect though.

All righty…ready for the cooking to begin?  I’ll point out the changes that I made along the way.

Here we go.

I had fresh sage from my cousin.  Look at the huge leaves!  Almond flour, baking soda, salt, and chopped sage.  I ended up having to use dried oregano…I had Mediterranean oregano and that’s what went into the dough.  The picture that I had was blurry so this is all I have.  The next photo I have is of the dough ball.

Rolled out, the dough looks like this.

I had to use a wine bottle as a rolling pin since I don’t own one.

While this cooked for a bit in the oven, I made my pesto.  I ended up using a mix of basil and arugula and subbed out the pine nuts for some home toasted raw sunflower seeds.  If I had used pine nuts, this flatbread might have been worth it’s weight in gold!

First some arugula and garlic in the blender.

Then some basil (also from my cousin’s garden) and sunflower seeds (I roasted them in a fry pan).

Toasted, the sunflower seeds look like this:

If you look really carefully, you can see a bit of the dried parmesan romano cheese that I used for the pesto.  I thought about splurging on my favorite parmigiano reggiano, but I had to stop my shopping spree somewhere today.

The pesto after much wrestling with my blender, turned out like this:

I spread a good thick layer on the flatbread crust.  I refrigerated the leftover pesto.  I’m not sure what I’ll use it for, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Topped it with some prosciutto…

and cheddar curds from First Light Farm:

This is what the pizza looked like before the final cooking time…

And the finished pizza!!

Admittedly, it looks nothing like the beautiful photos over at Roost.  However, it was tasty and I’m so glad that I tried it.

Some notes…  I would cut up the prosciutto because after baking it becomes difficult to cut and eat.  I also will try a different cheese next time.  The curds are super tasty but on this dish, the cheese becomes rubbery upon cooling.  Still tasty, just difficult to eat.  I also probably will roll the crust thinner next time…perhaps, make a bunch of smaller flatbreads rather than one large one.

Eat this with a nice glass of wine.  I drank a white wine.  It was fantastic.


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