Chilly, Rainy Morning

I woke up today to gray skies and rain.  Autumn has officially hit us here in the last three days.  The change over from beautifully blue, sunny skies with white puffy clouds to autumn has been one filled with big fat drops of rain and gusting winds.  I don’t mind the stormy weather too much since right now I have the option of staying in if I want to.

I did not stay in this morning though.  I put on my trusty rain boots, hauled out my trusty golf umbrella made for two (it’s windproof, too!), and headed out in the gray dreariness for the farmer’s market.  Despite the weather, I am in a good mood.  Nothing like farmer’s market fun to start the day off right.

I have not turned on my heat yet, but it seems that just about everyone else in this town has.  Despite my seeming cold weather hardiness, I did realize that a pair of mittens or gloves might serve me handy the next time I venture out into weather like this to shop at an outdoor market.

I digress.  I’m terribly sorry for keeping you in suspense.  Without further ado, my farmer’s market finds of today.

First up, a head of green cabbage.  I’m thinking about making this: Braised Cabbage from Nom Nom Paleo.  I pretty much have all the ingredients now, save the lard/bacon grease.  I will probably just substitute in a different fat because that’s how I do things around here.  I’ll also leave out the peppers.

Next, we have purple cauliflower!  I debated between the lovely yellow-orange cheddar cauliflower and this purple one and purple won out.  Next week, I’m getting the cheddar one.  Just for variety and fun.

Then we also have from my currently favorite farm stand at this market (I still miss my cheery organic farmer, but no matter), some tatsoi, red russian kale, and rainbow chard.  I know you can’t tell what’s what in the photo.  (Sorry, I was lazy).  It’s left to right if you want to have some fun figuring it out on your Saturday morning.

Also, from the same farm stand, I got a Japanese mustard green.  This is why I love shopping at farmer’s markets.  I seem to learn about new greens and veggies every week.  Since this summer, I have learned about so many new greens that I don’t miss my nightshades or any of the other things that I am no longer eating.  I’m too busy trying out new stuff.  This mustard green is actually pretty mild…the nice man at the stand let me try a piece before I committed.

Moving on from the veggies and greens, we have some rabbit meat.  I tried some last week and it was quite good.  Very mild.  I seem to be averse to the stronger red meats lately, so this week will be a seafood, rabbit meat week.  I might throw in some pork and chicken along the way, but we’re giving the red meats a rest this week, I think.

Then, we have some duck eggs.  I’m not sure what’s with the dud green egg in the upper left corner, but I’ll let you know if it ends up being a real egg.  Maybe it’s special and extra tasty, who knows.

And, finally, from my favorite dairy in the whole word, plain and pumpkin yogurt.  The pumpkin is new from this week.  Yippee!  Okay, well, not quite since I told myself I was eliminating sugars for this month and the pumpkin yogurt has maple syrup in it.  I only bought one though.  I think that with all these new seasonal flavors coming out, I’m going to have to allow myself one flavored yogurt a week and then buy the rest plain.

And that rounds up this week’s farmer’s market.

This week was not as eventful as last week.  Things were getting heavy and trying to hold an umbrella and carry around everything was not going well, so I just went with what I really needed and came home.  It’s probably for the best.

Catch up update on foods later on today.


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