To market, to market, to buy…

all sorts of yummy things!

This week’s market haul is not as much as usual.  It’s a short week and it was rainy and cold out today.  I still enjoyed the market though.  I almost prefer it to be not the best weather because then the market is a bit emptier and I get to take my time and talk to the vendors as I shop.  Although, the poor vendors are freezing and wet outside.  At least it stopped raining by the time I left.

So what did I buy this week?

Russian Red Kale….it’s taking a bubble bath in the picture below.  I know, it’s a slightly scandalous photo, but all my vegetables take bubble baths in vegetable wash and cold water.

Next, more kale, this time Red Kale.  The photo is a bit blurry.  The kale wouldn’t stop fidgeting.

Then we have some spaghetti squash and the ever stealthy acorn squash brooding in the background here.

My something new this week is Japanese Radish.  First the leaves.  (I forgot to take a photo when the radishes where whole.)

Along with the radishes themselves, we also have some purple (or maybe they call it red) scallions.

That wraps up the veggie portion of this tour.  Next, it was a trip to get some ground rabbit and goat meat.  I don’t think I updated last week, but I tried the goat meat and it was fantastic.  It has a more buttery taste than rabbit and it’s great when you dump in some spices.  (Don’t ask me what spices I dumped in…I should really keep track, but I didn’t call this blog Funny Eater for nothing.)

Next up, the dairy portion of our tour.  Stopped to buy my favorite yogurts.  I also bought a jar of quark today (not pictured).  It will go well with my roasted squash.

Please excuse the clutter in the back of my fridge.

Finally, cheese!  I pretty much gave up on the whole strict paleo thing since I really like the yogurts above and these cheeses.  I’ve actually eaten these cheeses straight out of their tubs.  Don’t tell anyone that I do that…it’s kind of gross.

Some cheddar curds.  If you remember back to my post about paleo pizza (well, flatbread), I used the garlic and herb ones for the top.  Today, I went with the plain ones.  Eating paleo (I guess, it’s more accurate to say primal now) makes you really appreciate flavors.

And the grand finale, is the chevre.  Today, we were treated to a white pepper and thyme flavor and I got harvest pumpkin, which is currently my favorite.  (As in I definitely eat it straight out of the tub sometimes.)  Since we’re not doing crackers, I use the chevre in my salads.

After the market, I stopped by the co-op to buy some maple syrup and vanilla to make these paleo maple, pumpkin custards from Health Bent.  Health Bent has some great recipes that I’ve used in the past, so I’m excited about these custards.

Now, that I’ve taken my photos, washed my veggies, chopped my onions and scallions, I’m ready for a nap.  This rainy weather is the kind of weather that needs a cup of tea and some random staring out the window.

I’m going to need to muster up some cooking energy so I can be ready for this week.

PS I have a lot of catch up which I hope will happen sooner rather than later, but I make no guarantees.


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