Japanese Radishes

Remember those Japanese radishes that I bought from market on Saturday?  Well, the farmer that sold them to me advised that I sauté them in oil with garlic and sage.  He advised that the sage go in the oil before I put in the radishes.

So, doing my best not to be a total lazy butt, I did a quick run this morning and included my cousin’s place in my loop.  The reason for that was so I could harvest some of her sage.  I felt all sneaky.  Luckily there was nobody around.   I have prior approval, so it’s not like I was being sneaky, but it’s always weird when you go to someone’s place when they aren’t around.

Well, sage in tow, I walked back and began the cooking experiment.

We started by mincing the garlic, I used one big clove, and slicing the sage.

Then, I dumped them into some warmed up olive oil and let the garlic get toasty looking.

As that toasted up, I began slicing the radishes in earnest.  I can never slice fast enough when I’m cooking.  I should just be more patient and do all my slicing first and then cook at once, but I’m so impatient that I try to save time by slicing and cooking.  It probably doesn’t save me any time at all.  No matter.  I left the skin on my radishes.  I don’t know if you were supposed to peel them like potatoes or not, but I figured the “regular” red radishes that you buy usually just go straight into a salad, so no peeling needed.  Into the pan they went.

A little later, they looked like this:

I added some pepper and salt as you can see above.  I forgot to add those two main players initially, but here they are.  Then, I chopped up the radish leaves and added them at the end and cooked until they were wilted.

I had this with some ground lamb that I had already cooked up and was in the fridge (see Mix and Match…hot and cold…yeah I’m a weirdo, that’s why this blog is called Funny Eater.).

So, my verdict on this dish.  It’s different from what I usually eat, so I like the variety.  I’m not sure about the taste of sage.   It’s got a sort of woodland smell that I can’t really describe.   I think it would be better with some other spices, but I’m going to have to figure out what at a later point in time.

Either way, try it out, vary it up, and let me know what you think.



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