I realize that I’ve been missing from here more than usual lately.  Every time I move locations, I get confused, so being back down south for a while threw me for a loop.  I had gotten settled and comfortable with my farmer’s market routine up here, so the southern migration meant I was scrambling for food I wanted to eat.  I’m finally back, but missed the farmer’s market here, so still feeling uninspired.

This whole uninspired feeling prompted two trips to the co-op, two days in a row.  The first day was really a survival shopping trip since my fridge was completely empty save a half gallon of water and some nuts.  Today, was more of a meandering what-do-I-want-to-eat kind of shopping trip.  Spurred on by boredom…not going to lie.

After my trip yesterday, I was feeling lazy, tired, and bored.  So, for dinner, I defaulted to eggs and bacon.  I needed some veggies, so I roasted some brussel sprouts with ghee in a frying pan.  This is absolutely the tastiest way to eat brussel sprouts.  When I first found out about eating brussel sprouts this way, we used butter.  I ate this meal for breakfast, too.

Sorry about the fork in the photo.  I had already started eating when I realized I should take a photo.

So how do you make these tasty brussel sprouts?

Wash and cut your brussel sprouts in half.

Melt some butter or ghee in a frying pan over medium heat.  It’s the buttery goodness that you need, so go with the butter or ghee.  It’s not as tasty with olive oil.  I tried.

Place your brussel sprouts cut side down in one layer on the frying pan.  Watch the sprouts carefully.  You’ll see the edges darken in color.  When they get dark green, flip them over.  You should see the cut sides looking a little browned.

For extra tastiness, sprinkle some shredded parmigiano reggiano.  You won’t be able to resist eating all of the brussel sprouts.



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