What My Week Has Been Like

I’m barely halfway through my week and I already had two cuts on my hands to my name when I started this morning.  Well, there is that saying that things happen in threes and tonight, event three made a spectacular show.

Yup, that’s my wine glass smashed to smithereens.  To make even three of this series of unfortunate events even more spectacular, is the fact that this happened right in front of my stove while I was frying up some calamari.

So oil fireworks that I was trying to dodge up top, shattered glass on the floor, and one very tired person.  I managed to finish cooking, but it was not easy.

Convincing myself to cook this evening was effort enough and now it looks like I’ll be creeping along the floor with wet paper towels and a flashlight trying to make sure that all the glass is off the floor.  Since my living room, office, and kitchen are all in the same room, I’ll be doing some crawling under and around furniture as well.  I just can’t afford to get anymore cuts, so let’s hope I see all that class before crawling on it or walking on it.

I’ll be back with a calamari post, but I can’t promise that it’ll be any time soon.  I really need to straighten out my sleep issues first.

Till next time.


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