Why You Should Shop At Farmers Markets

1. The food is better – when I say better I mean fresher.  The produce has usually been picked in the last day or the last few days.  The produce is picked when it’s ready to be picked, instead of being picked early so that it ripens along the way.

2. Less waste – when you’re in the grocery store you put all your produce in separate little bags and then they get bagged again. At the farmer’s market if you don’t bring your own bag your produce will be put into as few plastic bags as possible.  If you go a couple of times, you’ll feel guilty enough wasting bags that you’ll probably start bringing your own.  I use my used plastic bags again for garbage.  I don’t buy garbage bags separately.

3. Know thy farmer – you know who is growing your food and how they are growing the food.  Just ask.  They are happy to talk to you.

4. Social time – I don’t know about you, but I like the congeniality of farmers markets.  People are generally cheery and social.  You can get some good cooking ideas and tips.  Maybe you’ll even make some friends.

5. Outside time – if you commit to going to the farmer’s market every week, you’re forced to be outside.  (Well, at least when the market is outside).  I’ve gone when it’s raining, freezing cold, and when it’s hot and sticky.  Each week is a little different, but it’s nice to enjoy whatever weather you’re having while you shop.

6. Cutting out the middleman – I don’t know if shopping at farmer’s markets is cheaper.  I think it is because I waste less food and I am motivated to eat all my food.  In any case, you cut out the middlemen in your food supply chain.  Again, less waste, probably less money, and you know what’s happening to your food.

There are probably a million other reasons to shop at farmers markets.  Feel free to add to the list in the comments section.


3 responses to “Why You Should Shop At Farmers Markets

  • Annalise

    So true! Farmers markets are so great for everyone, especially the farmers and the communities they are in. I wish more people would take the time to visit their local farmers markets so they can see how amazing it is! Eat local, know your farmers!

    I just wanted to add that you actually don’t need to put grocery store produce in the little plastic bags when you’re shopping at the supermarket! You can throw the random bell peppers and carrots straight into your cart or basket, and the cashier won’t mind at all when you’re checking out. Regardless, buying local produce from your farmers market is still a better idea!

    • koritt

      Hi Annalise,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      So true about the little plastic bags at the grocery store. I don’t use them when I shop at the co-op. I guess there is something to be said about one’s environment. At the farmer’s market I feel guilty about using plastic bags, but if I’m at the grocery store, I end up using the little plastic bags. I do save all my plastic bags and reuse them, but using less in the first place would definitely be the smarter choice. 🙂

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