Bender Badness

I went on an uncharacteristic bender yesterday.  As much as I like to stick to my delusional thoughts of perfection, the reality is that I am a mere mortal just like any other human being of this planet.

I’ve been having a rough time of it lately and the last few days were marked by some specific unpleasantness, so having an early day on Friday, I decided to deal with my problems in the form of going out with a friend for a drink.  The evening ended up being a combo of beer and food.  I went all out and completely went off the paleo reservation.  Then again, I’ve been hovering at the edges of the reservation with the amount of dairy I’ve been consuming of late.  I also need more exercise, but I digress.

I had two glasses of some very good dark beer.  (Don’t ask me what it was called.)  Then I split a poutine, fries with gravy and duck meat on top (I think that’s what it was), with my friend and subsequently ate a burger.  I left the bun and the chips on the plate.

Much later, I did not feel so good.  That’s what I get for going on this little spree of madness.  The madness did not end there.

Today, I ended up eating two mini cupcakes with frosting.  They were novel and tasty, I won’t lie to you.

Last night, when I wasn’t feeling well, I was feeling pretty sorry about not staying paleo.  Today, I just ate the cupcakes and didn’t think much of it.  The two mini cupcakes are the equivalent of maybe 2/3 a regular cupcake.

Mostly, I’m just sharing this because I’m a little bit surprised that I strayed so far from the way that I usually eat.

I seem to still be working through my uninspired rut.  I think that some combination of the coming winter, not getting any sun time most days, and working long days inside with sick people is getting to me.

I hope to be back later, to at the very least start catching up on all my backlogged photos.

Till then, share your stories of “benders” in the comments section.  Of course you can say pretty much whatever you want if you’d rather not share “bender” war stories.


3 responses to “Bender Badness

  • Conor Bofin

    Here in Ireland, going on a bender usually involves a “few pints” followed by some take-away food eaten on the street. I generally am pretty disciplined in my approach to eating, drinking and staying fit. But, every now and again, I believe it is good for the soul to get together with a friend or two and enjoy a few pints, some nonsense talk and a good laugh. Bad for the body but great for the soul. An extra vigorous work-out the following day gets me back on track. Park the guilt and enjoy the escape.

    • koritt

      Hi Conor,

      Thank you for stopping by! I don’t know if I qualify for bender status by Ireland standards. 😛 However, you’re right, I did need that escape. I’m off for a run this morning and hopefully back on track.

      Thank you again for coming by and commenting. 🙂

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