I realize that it’s been many moons (or maybe it just feels like it?) since I’ve done a market haul post or cooked up a post about what’s being made in my kitchen.  I apologize.  (Not that I think you’ve been holding your breath waiting for me to post something…maybe someday I can be that cool as a blogger.)  However, the whole time change and lack of natural light exposure has gotten me in some kind of funk.  (Read about how I combat the winter blues over at Forks in the Crossroads.)  I need a vacation – one of the warm sandy beach variety (whoops, forgot to put this one on the list…).

In any case, I have been sort of cooking out of desperate necessity rather than taking any real joy in it.  You are seeing it (or not seeing it, really) as a lack of posts here.  The most interesting news…I bought and ate some rice!

I know it’s not paleo.  I know it’s a grain.  However, I couldn’t shake this feeling of wanting to eat rice for a few weeks now.  I usually walk right by the bulk bins at the co-op because most of those bins are not paleo food items, but today, I took a good look and bought myself some forbidden rice.  It’s a type of black rice.  Black rice is thought to have numerous health benefits, so I thought why not.

I am a firm believer that my body knows what it needs, so for the immediate future I will be eating a little bit of black rice.  I fully plan on going back to eating a grain-free diet after I’m done eating what I bought.

That’s about it for exciting food news (or maybe it’s not so exciting).

Once I’ve shaken my funk, I hope to be back with more interesting things.  Til then, I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays!  Be safe, warm, and happy.


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