Call Me Kohlrabi

Last post, I wasn’t entirely truthful about the lack of exciting food news.  On Saturday, I bought a humongous kohlrabi.  The diameter was probably the length of my entire forearm and it weighed at least 10 pounds.

Some Google assisted research told me that they aren’t always this huge.  Apparently, there are turnip sized ones.  This monstrosity took a good couple of hours Sunday morning to cut, peel, and chop up.  After doing that, I was too tired to cook and had to put off the cooking for another day.

The inside of the kohlrabi is a while, dense, crunchy flesh.  I would describe the texture and consistency as somewhere between a Korean radish and jicama.  Or maybe it’s more a combination of the two?  Either way.

I have two of these gallon bags of cut up kohlrabi.  I am trying to use less plastic, but there was so much of this stuff that I had to resort to bags.  Whew!

As for cooking kohlrabi, a generous chunk of butter, some chopped leeks, salt, pepper, and kohlrabi in a saute pan is quite tasty.  That’s what I’ve been eating all day today.

As for how long you should cook the kohlrabi, I would say experiment  a little.  I tried some raw.  Then due to my less than stellar chopping skills, I got a sampler of different levels of tenderness in my dish today.  I think my favorite is when the kohlrabi is cooked well, but before getting to the point of mushiness.  It’s more crunchy the more raw the kohlrabi is and more savory-sweet in taste the more cooked it is.

I was told that kohlrabi is quite nutritious when I bought it so here are some kohlrabi nutrition facts:

Self Nutrition Data – Kohlrabi, raw

Self Nutrition Data – Kohlrabi, cooked

Anyone have any good kohlrabi recipes or stories?



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