Exotic Meat

**Warning: This post will talk about eating exotic meats.  If you have a problem with eating something other than the “usual” beef, pork, goat, etc., I would strongly advise against reading this post.**

Happy New Year!  I know, it’s a much belated greeting, and I haven’t been around in weeks and weeks.  I apologize.  I needed some time off and I was feeling rather uninspired.  During my hiatus, I had some fun food adventures, so I’ll begin by telling you about eating exotic meats.  Can you guess what meat I tried??

I’ll give you some hints.  It’s an animal that is only found on one continent.  It’s a rather large animal.  It’s a marsupial.

Any guesses?

I had kangaroo meat!

Now, don’t freak out.  I’m told that there is an overpopulation of kangaroos in Australia, so I’m not concerned that I’m eating something that is on the  verge of extinction.  I know, it still makes you feel a little funny thinking about it, but ever since I started eating Paleo, I’ve been a lot more adventurous in my eating.  I just went for it.

I had what the guy at the restaurant (more on where I went in an upcoming post) called a ‘roo burger.  I’d gone out to eat at the best burger place in Maryland.  There is a list of meats and they have your standard angus beef, vegetarian options, chicken, etc.  Then you also have things like bison, elk, and meat of the month.  When I asked for help choosing the meat for my burger, the guy said, “Well, elk is kind of gamey and personally, I’d go with the ‘roo.”  Say, what?  Yup, he said kangaroo.  He described it as being very mild, so I went for it.  You can’t tell that you’re eating an exotic meat.

Kangaroo as a burger patty pretty much tastes like a really good beef that’s milder on flavor.  I quite liked it.  Meaty, gamey flavors are really not my thing.  I would like to go back and try an elk burger, despite the claim that it has a gamey flavor, but man, that ‘roo burger was tasty.

Now, I thought that kangaroo was pretty out there when it came to meats, but it turns out that when I went out to dinner at a different place a few nights later, they were also serving kangaroo.  This time it was sauteed with some vegetables of some sort.  How about that.  Is kangaroo the new trendy meat to eat and I just never knew it?

More details on all these restaurant wanderings in separate posts.

That’s all for now folks.  It’s good to be back.  Sorry, for the lack of photos in this post.  Hope everyone is off to a good start this year.  Happy 2012!



5 responses to “Exotic Meat

  • youngcaveman

    Hehe I have had kangaroo meat as well, but it was in Australia! They have no issues serving their national animal on a platter. Crocodile is another meat they served there, so stereotypical!

    You could be extra adventurous and try some insects!

    • koritt

      Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Well, if the Australians serve kangaroo without issue, then I don’t have to worry. The restaurant that I went to had alligator bites as an appetizer, but I was not fortunate enough to try them. Next time.

      I’m not sure about the insects…I guess if I can’t tell that they are insects it might be a possibility. 🙂

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