Abbey Burger Bistro

Here we go with the beginning of the catch up posts.  I’m starting with this one since I just posted about exotic meats.

I took a little jaunt to the city of Baltimore, Maryland.  It’s a very interesting city and this time I got to see parts of the city that I hadn’t seen before.  It was a drive through seeing, but that’s fine by me.

The important part here is my dinner at Abbey Burger Bistro.  My insider source calls it the best burger place in town.  According to the website, they were hailed as a “great burger joint” by USA Today back in 2010.  With that kind of billing, you have to go and eat there.

The exciting part about this restaurant and bar is that you get a menu and a slip of paper filled with check boxes.  Now, you can go the standard route and order off the menu or you can scour that slip of paper and start creating your own burger from scratch.  Don’t be surprised when you see things like “alligator” and “kangaroo.”  They have a meat of the month, which happened to be “kangaroo” when I was there.  Of course, I had to try that.  I actually debated whether to have elk or not.  Guess, I’ll be eating elk somewhere else or during another visit.

What else do I like about this place?  They have a crazy selection of beers, which is not paleo in the least, but it’s always fun when a place specializes in something like that.  The thing that I gave them big points for was giving you the option to make your burger wrapped in lettuce instead of having a bun.  Double, triple yay!  I’m always torn between asking them to make my burger bun-less, wrapped in lettuce, or just ordering like a normal person and leaving the bun for the garbage can.  Letting me avoid that agonizing part of restaurant eating made me one very happy girl.

The rest of that checklist had a million options for things to put on your burger – cheeses, egg, avocado, mayo, and a whole lot more.  I got my ‘roo burger wrapped in lettuce, with Guinness cheese, avocado, mushrooms, spicy creme fraiche, and some other things that I don’t remember.  With a side of sweet potato fries, it was a perfectly wonderful paleo friendly dinner.

Now, if I can get them to open another location down the street from me, I’ll be eating there as much as my wallet allows.  While I really think you should go and eat there when visiting the great city of Baltimore, these fantastic burgers will cost you.  I’m just warning you.


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