Harvest Bistro and Bar

Welcome back to another edition of catch up posts.  In this post we’ll talk about round two of the kangaroo meat sighting.

Harvest Bistro and Bar located in Closter, NJ is a “modern French bistro,” according to their website.  What I loved about the restaurant was the wide diversity of foods.  On their specials list the night I was there, they offered a sauteed kangaroo and vegetables dish, which made me think that this whole kangaroo thing must be in vogue with the fancy food people.  Alas, having had a kangaroo burger not too long before this dining experience, I opted for the roasted rabbit with vegetables and a potato gratin.  (The specifics escape me, so that’s the best I can come up with.)

The food was all very good.  We also had an appetizer of warm spicy oysters (it was called something more fancy than that).  What I liked was that the food focused on the flavors of the food itself rather than hiding behind spicy, salty, and sweet.  Not feeling parched or needing gallons of water to get through a restaurant meal is a victory to me.  I find most restaurants serving food that is way too salty.

The only downside to the dining experience was the seating.  The tables in the dining area did not give patrons much in the way of privacy.  The tables were rather close together and everyone is at the same level, so if you’re looking for an intimate dining experience, you might want to save that for a different restaurant.

In the end, if you’re in northern New Jersey and you want to have a good meal, focused on high quality cooking and high quality foods, try Harvest out.

PS I tried to take pictures, but the mood lit dining room gave me nothing but dark shadows.  You’ll just have to go over and try the food yourself.


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