Blogging Blues

I have a backlog of blog posts. Posts that I’ve uploaded photos for and written notes to myself about. Yet, I can’t seem to sit down and actually get those posts finished and put up. I just find the whole process of staring at a computer screen laboriously inserting photos into my posts a tedious process. Plus, my eyes hurt.

So, I think that the compromise will probably be to stop scheming up these photo heavy posts and take a couple of decent shots and type the rest out. I need wordpress to come up with a better way to get photos into my blog posts. It pains me that I don’t have the computer/programming/web smarts to make that a reality myself.

In any case, this is my confessional-I’m-sorry post about making promises that haven’t happened. Now that I’ve hammered out a compromise, I’ll try to get some posts up here.


2 responses to “Blogging Blues

  • Conor Bofin

    I made a total mess of my really smooth blogging system last Friday. I love to have a couple in reserve and to post weekly. I posted two at the same time and had nothing for next Friday. No time to plot, cook, photo, edit, write, edit again and post. However, I have a plan….

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