This is my millionth attempt at this post.  I decided to start from scratch and just tell you to google “jangjorim” for recipes.  You’ll see that they’re all very similar.  The real difference in how I cook mine is that I don’t put in jalapeño peppers when I make mine.  Partly because I’m avoiding nightshades, mostly because I like my jangjorim without the peppers.  I don’t think my mom ever made it with the peppers, but what do I know.

Jangjorim is basically cubes of beef that have been boiled down with soy sauce to get a salty little side dish that tastes great with rice.  My favorite is when there are hard boiled eggs in there.

I leave you with one photo this morning and hopefully, I can shake off this resistance to get through my backlog of posts now that I’ve actually posted a version of this one.  (Not the original photo heavy one that I was planning my head, but this will have to do.)

Now, go and think about making this super tasty, easy to make side dish.  I’m getting hungry again and I already ate breakfast!

Feel free to leave me questions about this if you get confused with the recipes on google.  It really is easy to make.  I promise.


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