Shopping Spree

Grocery shopping spree that is.  After my early morning of cleaning and laundry, I got my butt out the door for a good couple of hours of productivity at a new coffee shop.  Exploration and caffeination all at once.  Good deal.  Yup, I had to have that coffee.

Other than the lack of parking, I think I like this new coffee shop.  Well, it’s a new location of a local chain.  Big south facing windows and outlets galore, what’s not to love?  I don’t think that I can do any online work there, though, because they’re doing that whole need a password thing, which I hate.  The way it goes is that it will kick you off after 1.5 hours and then you have to go get a new slip.  It’s just irritating and unnecessary in my opinion.  I’ll go back to my standard location when I need internet…or stay home.

So after my morning of sun filled productivity (I am so loving our snowless winter…it looks like fall outside today, just a little bit colder), I headed off to do some shopping.  I needed some more stove top cleaner (if you don’t know, Cerama Bryte is hands down the best glass cooktop cleaner) and I was looking for one of the microwaveable heat packs.  I’m not a fan of the microwave, but I’m sure not turning on the oven, every time I need a little warmth.  I’m looking forward to some cozy warmth tonight.

The more exciting news (I mean this is a food blog, so food is the star) is that I went on a massive grocery shopping spree.  Partly because I skipped the farmer’s market last weekend and partly because I don’t think I’ve been eating enough.  So, I picked out a bunch of recipes and made a huge list broken down into departments and went for it.  I also picked up a couple of other things that caught my eye and some essentials that I needed to replenish.  All in all, not that bad of a shopping trip.  The guy at the meat counter was even nice enough to give me some coupons for the organic meat that I was buying.  Sadly, I ended up having to resort to buying some non-organic, non-free-range meat, but my eyes were starting to bug out at how much everything would end up costing so I had to give in somewhere.

So, the plan is to make the following:

  1. Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard Casserole from Kaprise – Ingenious casserole that has everything that’s good about produce right now in it.  I can’t wait.  I know it’s very carb heavy, but it’ll be good to have something around that I can heat up quickly and eat without too much fuss.
  2. Ginger Port Cranberry Jelly from Purely Primal – I’m not a big jelly/jam/marmelade person, so I’m planning on using this as a marinade for the pork that I bought.  We’ll see what else I use it with.
  3. Sweet Potato Meatballs from Family Living Simple – More sweet potatoes, I know.  I just need some variety, so I’ll just have to work out more.  I am planning on upping the work out ante with some training sessions and trampolining.  I’m also hoping to add a day of ballet, too.  We’ll see.  I’m pretty poor right now, so the only thing I can justify in life is food.
  4. Paleo Pad Thai from Health Bent – I don’t have a mandoline or super awesome knife skills, so I’m going to try this with my awesome vegetable peeler and hope that it gets close…or maybe I’ll just get annoyed and make cubes or rounds.
  5. Apple and Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops from Paleo Parents, which I actually found at Outside Ordinary – I’ll be cooking them the way Paleo Parents describes cooking them, mostly because I don’t trust my stovetop skills with that pork.  Popping them into the oven for a bit sounds a little bit more foolproof.
  6. Love You Long Time Chocolate Cupcakes from Health Bent – This one is a maybe.  Maybe because it’s dessert and I’m not really eating desserts (I managed to get over my cookie cravings).  I also am really unsure about paleo desserts.  I’d rather eat some dark chocolate instead.  On the other hand, making these will help me use up a lot of things that are going unused in my kitchen.  Since, I only have heavy cream and no coconut milk, I’d probably go with heavy cream.  Not interested in buying coconut milk.  The two times that I did, a good part of it ended up in the garbage.  Not the way I like to do things.

Finally, I want to do this with my scallions.

I just finished up the last of my chicken soup, so it’s time to get cracking so that I have something to eat for dinner tonight.  First, a walk in this windy, cold sunshine.  I need to soak up all the sun I can get so I can get through our cloudy days.

More on all this as it happens.



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