The Almost Forgotten Recipe

So in making my list of recipes that I was going to cook up this coming week, I forgot about this lovely breakfast recipe: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Muffins with Coconut Flour from Cheeseslave.

The best part about this forgotten recipe story is that this is the recipe I made tonight.  I love breakfast.  I love eggs…a lot.  I love bacon, too.  So, really this recipe is putting all the best parts of breakfast into a totable form.  (Totable is really a word…I just looked it up.)

I followed the recipe pretty much to the letter and followed the suggestions to add an extra egg and to mix the cheese into the batter rather than sprinkling it on top.  The only thing I didn’t do was use a food processor.  That is way too much work and dishes for four muffins.  Instead, I used my handy kitchen shears and just cut up the bacon into little pieces.  I bought the cheese already shredded and it went in the way I bought it.

I just had two of these guys and they were fantastic.  I meant to only eat one…whoops!  They smell fantastic coming out of the oven.  I only got four out of the recipe, but that’s because my muffin tin makes jumbo muffins.

As for what I’d do differently next time, I’d add some tiny chopped pieces of onion or scallion, and tiny chopped vegetables, I’m thinking carrots and zucchini.  Kind of like a mini quiche.  Seeing as I already ate two, I’ll probably be making these soon again.  It’s a nice change from my standard bacon and eggs.

This is definitely one recipe you need to try.


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