The Rumors Are True

I woke up this morning to a text canceling plans that I had for tonight and immediately, decided that today would be a stay at home and cook kind of day.  It’s getting cloudy and the weather forecasters are predicting snow.  Not a lot, but it was gloriously sunny yesterday, so today feels like a hunker down at home day.

The first thing I did was to eat a muffin from yesterday.  (I ate the last one while I was cooking…whoops!) Fully fortified, I took stock of my list of recipes and dove in.  I haven’t finished them all, but I did finish cooking two of them and did some prep for the other two.  My stove was getting a real workout this morning.  I had two burners going at once for most of the morning.

First, I started up the Ginger Port Cranberry Jelly with these cranberries…

You have to simmer the port wine, first, so this was after I added the cranberries to the pot.  Oh, and don’t try to smell the port when it’s simmering.  You’ll be knocked out by the evaporating alcohol.

While I had that going, I peeled and chopped up some sweet potatoes to boil for mashing later.

With those two things going on the stove, I started up the Paleo Pad Thai.

This stuff is really as good as they say it is over at Health Bent.  I only used two zucchinis because mine were huge.  I also used my potato peeler after reading the comments because I do not have a super cool mandoline.  It’s on the wish list.  The potato peeler works fine, but it’s a lot of work.  Finally, I didn’t add any salt because the saltiness from the fish sauce was enough for me.

Stay tuned for the rest of the recipes off the recipe list!



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