Today Is An Off Day

Today’s been an off day.  I didn’t get the greatest sleep last night and I felt out of sorts all day.  Add on a lot of post-workout soreness and no coffee today and I guess you get the kind of day that I had today.  I’m trying to stay away from the coffee after reading that it elevates estrogen levels in Asians and African Americans.  The only problem is that coffee is the only way I get any real work done.  I don’t even drink more than a few sips, but it’s a good way to get stuff going and clear my head in the morning.  Maybe I’ll switch to tea.  

In any case, since I’m so out of sorts, I’m going to try and do some cooking and baking (I know I said I’d never bake paleo things, but those bacon, egg, and cheese muffins have changed my mind…I guess technically, they are primal.)  

The plan is two batches of the bacon, egg, and cheese muffins, a batch of these lovely chocolate cupcakes, and some pork.

I have a feeling that one of those things is going to get cut out of the equation, but we shall see.  Wish me luck.


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