Happy Heart Day

I’m spending my Valentine’s Day trying to be as productive as possible.  This morning, I got out a batch of modified bacon, egg, and cheese muffins with coconut flour (more on that later), cooked some collard greens, and ate breakfast.   I even remembered my vitamins this morning.  Now, it’s off to a whirlwind of dishes, battling the snow, and getting some real work done before I do a little good in the world and give my friends a break from their kids so they can have some time to themselves.

So, have a happy heart today and do good in the world.  Forget that it’s some silly overblown holiday with cheesy red hearts and nasty tasting heart shaped candies.

I’ll be back later with some updates.  I uploaded all my photos yesterday and then slept instead of typed.  Whoops.

Have a Happy Heart Day! 🙂


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