The Post I Promised

I’m trying to make good on blog promises since I seem to make them so often and the follow through is usually not as often.  In any case, let’s start catching up, shall we?

Let’s start with what I ate today and then work back to the other things that I’ve been promising.

Remember these bacon, egg, and cheese muffins?  The wonderfully fantastic grab and go breakfast?  Well, I varied it up this morning by taking the apple and bacon stuffing from the stuffed pork chops recipe (more on that later) and mixing it into the basic batter of the muffins.  I added some cheddar cheese and this is what I got:

The batter ended up being a bit more chunky, and I cooked these a little longer (about 20 minutes to the original muffin recipe’s 15 minutes), but these were tasty.  The stuffing has a warm and smokey flavor from the paprika and sage.  I’m not sure that this is the best version of this muffin, but still yummy and a nice variation.  Plus, it saved me worrying about how I was going to eat 6 pork chops.  I just ended up tossing the left over pork chops into my freezer for a rainy day.  Problem solved.

I think that I’m going to be making another umpteen variations of this muffin to use up all the produce in my fridge, so we’ll see what other combos come about.

Lunch was leftover stuffed pork chop with cranberry port jelly sauce on top.

There was only half of that left.  I ate that with some of this:

Collard greens and red onion sauteed in olive oil with a dash of salt and black pepper.  The old standard prevails.

Dinner was another stuffed pork chop and some more of the collard greens.


Okay, so now onto the backlog of things.  Remember the recipe list?  I pretty much got through the whole list including the chocolate cupcakes!  Sadly, no photos of the chocolate cupcakes.  They are fantastic though and you should make them.  (You can look at the pretty decorated ones that are photographed on Health-Bent.)

You saw the stuffed pork chops above.  Yum!  And, then there are these lovelies:

Sweet Potato Meatballs.  I tweaked the recipe a little bit (real onions instead of onion powder…that sort of thing) and they came out fantastic.  Meatballs this way are really good.  So good that I won’t be making them any other way.

The cooked version with some of my asparagus (after I nail down that recipe, I’ll share it with you…someday).

This wasn’t the way I wanted to share everything with you, but I’m super tired and I did want to get it all up in some form, so there it is.  Imperfect and probably all sorts of confusing to you.

The best way to solve the confusion is to go back to my recipe list and go and make all of those things.  They are all fantastically tasty and worth eating.

The End.


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