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Food Trends and Bulletproof Coffee

The last couple of days have been the kind of days where I’m trying to get out of doing any sort of productive work.  I blame spring time cabin fever.  This year I can’t even just decide to suffer allergies for a couple hours and blow off some steam at the park due to a bum foot.  I guess that’s what I get for acting like a little kid and jumping around at a trampoline class and then forgetting that my foot hurts and continuing to jump off of every curb and step that I see for six plus weeks.  I blame it on my natural instinct to move.  Hopefully, there is something that can be done about this foot.  I really need a good work out.  I get the results of the MRI tomorrow.

You didn’t come here to hear me whine, so onto things about food.  Reading the various blogs that I do and surfing the Internet as I do in the process of procrastinating, I found some interesting connections between food posts put up by some bloggers recently.

  1. Hash – I guess it’s hash season?  Nom Nom Paleo put up a post on Sweet Potato Hash and then I was browsing through Freshly Pressed blogs and found Good Cooks was featured for a post on Eggs on Hash.  I promptly took ideas from the Eggs on Hash post and made this for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. (I apologize for bad night lighting.)Instead of potatoes, I used red onions, zucchini, and carrots in olive oil as my “hash” and those are turkey eggs on there.
  2. Poached-like Eggs – Speaking of eggs, I don’t know what else to call these eggs, but the eggs from the Eggs on Hash post on Good Cooks look just like these eggs on Domestic Diva, M.D.  Yum.

The only thing I can vouch for taste wise is what’s in the picture above, but I’m pretty certain that all of these recipes that I linked to would be tasty.  Just need to find some time to orchestrate it all.  That’s not a promise…I’m not good at keeping blog promises, so I’m not making any.

In other news, I’ve been trying out this idea of Bulletproof Coffee.  Who knew that butter in your coffee could taste so good?  I didn’t.  The only problem is that after poking around the rest of the website, now I’m concerned about mycotoxins in my coffee.  As if I need more things to worry about.

To be fair, the mycotoxin argument makes some sense to me, so I’m not completely dismissing it, but it’s something that is hard to avoid if the claims of how rampant they are exist.  People on Paleo Hacks seem divided over the validity of the whole mycotoxin argument and whether the coffee offered by Bulletproof Executive is in fact better.  The reviews I’ve read are good and I’m tempted to buy a bag, but the 26 or so dollars to buy and ship the coffee to me seem a bit excessive given the current state of my finances.  For now, I’m experimenting with coffees that I can buy at the co-op or off the local grocery store shelves.  More research into where to source coffee around here needs to be done.

As for the effects of the coffee, well for me caffeine is caffeine.  Caffeine in tea or even coffee ice cream will give me the upper effects of coffee.  I do like to have fats in some form in my coffee because I think it evens out the energy high and prevents a bad crash later.  More recently, I’ve discovered that coffee does tend to affect me differently than in the past.  I no longer get the euphoric high that I used to.  I’m not sure whether this is from eating paleo or not, but coffee is just not as fun as it used to be.  If the mycotoxin argument is right, then there is a chance that drinking properly processed coffee will get me back to having that wonderful energy.

Right now, I’m enjoying butter in my coffee and hoping to find coffee somewhere that gives me a high without the heart thumping and slight bump in anxiety.  Either way though, since it’s allergy season and I am taking a long acting antihistamine, coffee is a must.  Coffee is part of my allergy season rituals.  I’m hoping that if I continue eating clean, next year the antihistamine won’t be necessary and I can say good bye to allergy medications for good.  (I’ve been taking up to three allergy medications every spring for the last few years, so I’m really excited about just taking one…so far…fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.)  Then, maybe this whole issue of coffee won’t even be an issue.  I can just sleep right, eat right, and not need this kick in the butt to get going in the mornings.

Welcome to Wednesday, everyone!


Blahbity Blah

Boredom is a bad thing when it comes to food. Luckily, meatballs come in all sorts of varieties like this really tasty one that Kaprise put up modified from a Health Bent recipe. These are almost as good as the sweet potato ones that I made a while back.


You know when you get into a fight with a friend… and they are just flat out wrong but they refuse to apologize. Instead they do one of those faux-pologies where they say something like, “I’m sorry that you thought I was behaving that way” or “I’m sorry that you thought that.” You know? In my opinion, those faux-pologies are even worse than just not apologizing at all. It’s fucking (sorry ma, but this needs an F-word to describe my feelings) irritating and it’s annoying and it’s F-ing rude. Normally, after I cool off, I can see the other person’s perspective, but it’s been a week and I’m still ticked off. I’m not one to hold grudges either, so I know for a fact that I’m not being crazy or weird. He tried again to make up with me and then promptly got drunk at brunch and blew me off…

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Bison Steak Breakfast

It’s a rainy Sunday morning and I feel like holing up and enjoying the quiet of the weekend.  Breakfast was simple with leftover cauliflower and a quick stovetop cooking of a bison steak.  I put some garlic in the pan for flavor.

As lazy as I feel, I need to go find some vegetables.  I’m okay for protein with eggs, ground goat, and ground rabbit from the farmers market yesterday.

Well, off to enjoy my Sunday.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.

Happy Spring…Officially.

Happy Spring!  I said I’d be back when it was spring, so here I am.  This time I have food for you. Well, photos of food.


This is what I made for a very late lunch.  The lunch I had after spending close to $150 at the grocery store.  I should not be allowed to shop in grocery stores unsupervised.  There are just too many interesting and novel things that I want to try out.

So, what exactly did I make for lunch?  It’s a twist on the paleo pad thai recipe from Health Bent.  I talked about this recipe the first time I tried it in an earlier post.

The changes:

  1. Lemon Instead of Lime – I didn’t have any limes on hand and didn’t feel like going out to buy one.
  2. Justin’s Honey Almond Butter instead of regular almond butter – The first time I made this recipe I used raw almond butter from MaraNatha and the result was super tasty.  The second time I used roasted almond butter from MaraNatha and the result was less tasty.  The third time I used Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and it was fantastic.  The fourth time I used some creamy peanut butter and it was less tasty.  I’ve decided to use Justin’s Almond Butters from now on.  They just taste better to me than the other almond butters that I’ve tried.
  3. Kelp Noodles – I bought this brand today at the grocery store.  After a quick rinse, I dumped the whole thing into the pan after the zucchinis had a chance to get wilted.  So, this was an addition to the original recipe.
  4. Smoked Duck Breast – I bought one made by D’Artagnan from the grocery store.  After, an attempt to make my own duck breast, I figured that buying it already made for me was a lot less hassle and frustration.


So, that was basically my lunch.  I imagine this will also be for dinner, too.

Kelp noodles are pretty interesting.  Crunchy and pretty much tasteless.  More info here.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully, this will spur me to cook some more, so I don’t starve.

Lazy Eats

I haven’t gotten a whole lot of good sleep lately between doing some marathon driving and battling the onset of spring allergies.  Not surprisingly, I haven’t been all that motivated to cook or even feed myself.  I know, it’s bad.

It’s so bad that I ate left over salad that I had grabbed from McDonald’s during my recent marathon driving session with two eggs on top.  Yup, that was dinner.

I’m hoping that after a trip to the grocery store tomorrow, I’ll feel a bit more inspired.  I’m not going to lie, this part of the year is the worst for feeling inspired about food.  All the warm comforting squashes and sweet potatoes have lost their appeal and the late spring, early summer crops aren’t ready yet, so I’m looking at food that has traveled great distances to get to me.  Foods that I’ve seen for a while now.

I cannot wait until it’s time for the farmer’s market to open back up again.

Spring Has Sprung

I said I’d be back when it was spring and even though it is not officially spring until March 20 this year, I’m here and writing.  Four days earlier than predicted.  Actually, if you ask me, spring has officially arrived at the end of last week.  Between the beautifully, warm, sunny days and the sneezing (gotta love hay fever), spring is most definitely here.

I’m still trying to shake off the winter doldrums after a day of gray clouds and rain today, but I’ll be back with something soon.  I just have to decide what.

In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



It’s still cold outside even as the daylight hours grow longer (thank goodness!).  Spring cannot come fast enough.  I’ve reached that point where I’m just really bored.  Maybe it’s cabin fever, maybe it’s just the time of the year, but I’ve just about had it with the gloominess here and even food isn’t interesting to me.

I’ve gone to the grocery store multiple times and at this point, I’m in danger of having food left over in my fridge again.  I just can’t figure out what would taste good.  Usually, chocolate solves the problem or a new recipe, but at this point even all the baked goods aren’t looking that interesting to me.  What’s worse is that caffeine doesn’t affect me the same way that it used to, so no happy caffeine highs.  (Plus, I’m trying to avoid caffeine.)

The only moderately interesting food news that I have for you is that I ate rice all day today and I’ve started drinking tart cherry juice in the hopes that I can tame my weird sleep patterns into submission.  We shall see.

So, this concludes my whiny post about why I haven’t posted anything at all up here lately.  I’ll be back when it’s spring.